2020 Corona Cancelled. Fall 2021 date to be announced in May!


Hello Art Walk Friends.

We appreciate your commitment to our third Annual Hilton Art Walk + Busker Fest. State guidelines and common sense have guided our decision to cancel this year’s event. We are heartbroken, but also inspired to celebrate even harder next year.

Follow us online for highlights from our artists, jurors, and partners.

Hilton Village is the next best place for Art in Virginia – we’ve been a hidden secret for over 100 years. We’d love to have you in the Village anytime. Email us at hiltonartwalk@gmail.com with any questions.

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Thank you to our beer and wine garden sponsor, Malvin, Riggins, & Company, P.C.

Hilton Village is a mixed commercial and residential community located in Newport News, in the heart of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Hilton was built in 1918 as part of the war effort to house shipyard workers. After World War I, the homes of Hilton were rented out, and later, sold as private residences. Hilton Village was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1969.